A Letter to God MCQ question, Summary Of A Letter to God Class 10 CBSE

A Letter to God MCQ question


The house the only one in the entire valley -sat on the crest of a low hill. From this height one could see the river and the field of ripe corn dotted with the flowers that always promised a good harvest.

The only thing the earth needed was a good downpour or at least a shower. Throughout the morning Lencho -who knew his fields intimately- had done nothing but see the sky towards the north-east.( a letter to god mcq question)

घर – पूरी घाटी में एकमात्र – एक नीची पहाड़ी की चोटी पर बैठा था इस ऊंचाई से कोई नदी और पके हुए फूलों के खेत को देख सकता था जो हमेशा अच्छी फसल का वादा करते थे।

पृथ्वी को केवल एक चीज की जरूरत थी वह थी अच्छी बारिश या कम से कम एक बौछार। सुबह-सुबह लेंचो-जो अपने खेतों को अच्छी तरह जानता था- ने उत्तर-पूर्व की ओर आकाश को देखने के अलावा कुछ नहीं किया था।

Multiple Choice Question based on given extract that is from the  ” A Letter to God”


1.) Based on the detail of the house’s location, how can it best be described?

a) majestic

b) imposing

c) solitary

d) unique

ans c) solitary


2.) The field of corn dotted with flowers means that

a) not a single flower was bigger than a dot

b) the flowers were scattered across.

c) the flowers were in shaped like dots.

d) the flowers had shrunk in size.

ans c)  the flowers were in shaped like dots.


3.) Lencho wished for a downpour or a heavy shower. Pick the option that correctly lists the correct match for kinds of rain.

(1) heavy rain                              (i) light rain that falls in very fine drops

(2) thunderstorm                       (ii) veryheavy rain , tropical rain

(3) drizzle                                      (iii) it’s coming down quite strong and you get very wet

very   quickly

(4) torrential rain                       (iv) really heavy rain that comes very suddenly

(5) downpour                              (v) is a violent, short-lived weather disturbance associated with lightning, thunder and strong, gusty winds.


a) 1-ii,2-iv,3-v,4-1,5-iii

b) 1-iv,2-1,3-iii,4-v,5-ii

c) 1-v,2-iii,3-iv,4-11,5-1

d) 1-iii,2-v,3-1,4-ii,5-iv

ansd) 1-iii,2-v,3-1,4-ii,5-iv


4.) Which quote supports the idea in the given extract?

a) “Farming is a profession of hope.”

b) “I would rather be on my farm than be emperor of the wo

c) “Farming looks mighty easy when your plough is a pene thousand miles from the corn field.”

d) “Those too lazy to plough in the right season will have harvest.”

ans a) “Farming is a profession of hope.”

A Letter to God MCQ question and answer

A letter to God


When he finished, he went to the window to buy a stamp which he licked and then affixed to the envelope with a blow of his fist. That moment the letter fell into the mailbox the postmaster went to open it.It said: “God : Of the money that I asked for,

only seventy pesos reached me. Send me the rest, since I need it very much. But don’t send it to me through the mail because the post office employees are a bunch of crooks. Lencho.”

जब वह समाप्त हो गया, तो वह एक स्टैम्प खरीदने के लिए खिड़की के पास गया, जिसे उसने चाटा और फिर अपनी मुट्ठी के प्रहार से लिफाफे पर चिपका दिया। जैसे ही पत्र मेलबॉक्स में गिरा, डाकपाल उसे खोलने गया। इसने कहा: “भगवान: मैंने जो पैसे मांगे, उनमें से केवल सत्तर पेसो ही मेरे पास पहुंचे।

बाकी मुझे भेज दो, क्योंकि मुझे इसकी बहुत आवश्यकता है। लेकिन इसे मुझे मेल के माध्यम से न भेजें क्योंकि डाकघर के कर्मचारी एक हैं बदमाशों का झुंड। लेंचो,”

Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract


5.) What was the most likely response that the postmas Lencho’s second letter?


b) gratitude


d) elation

e) shock

ans A and D


6.) Lencho’s letter included

a) details of his problems.

b) description of the post office.

c) belief of being looted.

d) List of further demands.

ans d) List of further demands.


7.) Pick the most suitable quote for this extract.

a) “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been

b) “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”- Confucius

fooled.” -Mark Twain

c) “You see a person’s true colours when you are no longer beneficial to their life.”- anonymous

d) “True generosity means accepting ingratitude.” – Coco Chanel


ans d) “True generosity means accepting ingratitude.” – Coco Chanel 


What is the summary of a letter to God

A letter to God


A letter to God it is a great story about faith in is written by G.L Funtes. It is a this story of faith in God. In this story, the writer G.L Funtes has depicted the faith in God of a simple poor family.


In this story (A letter to God), there is a farmer lunch lives in a small house at the top of a hill with his wife and sons. He is a poor but honest and a hardworking farmer. His crops have always been good. This time also he expects it to be good. He wishes to have a downpour or at least a shower.

It starts raining in the evening but soon the rain gets changed into hail storm and his crop of cotton gets destroyed completely. He has a great faith in God. Hence, he write a letter to God and ask him to send some money.


The  Postman shows the strange letter the postmaster. Firstly the laugh but when the postmaster reads it, he becomes.

Decide to help lencho. He collects money from his employee and friends. He gives a part of his salary too but he is able to collect only 70 pesos. He puts it into an envelope , after few days lencho comes to collect the letter.

He is not surprised to receiving the letter but when collects the money, he gets angry, he writes another letter to God. He asks God to send him rest of the money at the same time request see him to not send it through mail.

He considers the employees of the post office as bunch of crooks who have a stolen 30 pesos out of the hundred pesos sent by the God.

What is the main idea of a letter to God ?

A letter to God is wirrten by great writer G.L Funtes.the main idea of this story is that of you strong believe in god than god will surely help you.


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